“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”- Addressing only one’s mental and emotional issues are never enough. Understanding, connecting, and healing through compassionate listening, providing support, and rapport building is necessary. In my six years of work experience, I found myself quite successful in connecting with people, building rapport and addressing core issues that are hindering one’s progress. I have seen clients and conducting counselling sessions who are from different age groups and social, cultural, and organisational backgrounds.
As a Wellness Coach and Corporate Trainer, I see myself succeeding because the holistic approach of Wellness Coaching and training is to help individuals and groups to overcome resistance to change and help them progress. For which I have used tools, techniques and ideas throughout my practicing years and got a good success! I believe in bringing out sustainable behavioural changes by highlighting one’s skills, strength, and resources into achievable value-based objectives. My motto is, work for-Really big dreams, Really fast! Because of money-speed-quality counts. I’m on this journey to create and to add values to lives by empowering and encouraging clients to self-exploration and self-learning.
If you want to book a one to one counseling session, mentoring session or a Corporate workshop with me.