Abhijeet Vaishnav from India, began his fitness journey at the age of 17 and never looked back ever since. He decided to turn his passion into a profession where his simple mission is to help people adopt fitness as a lifestyle. He believes that aesthetics is a by-product of fitness. It is equally important to feel good about your life and doing things correctly that can only happen if you complete the tripod of fitness which is Exercise, Nutrition and Recovery.
He is not only an expert in nutrition and fitness, but he also has a 10-6 corporate job. Despite working for 8 hours in an office job, he still manages to look after his body and one of his goals is to make people believe that anyone from any occupation can achieve the body that they desire.
He is a certified fitness trainer for strength and functional training and a Sports Nutritionist. He is a proponent of the Ketogenic diet, and his mastery of knowledge in this area has helped many of his clients achieve their goals and transform their lives. With his expertise, he will be conducting sessions on bodyweight training, nutrition counselling and lifestyle modification tips on Nirvana. We are glad to have him as part of our Nirvana Experts’ team!!