Rizwana Ekram

Rizwana Ekram found her way to the magic of meditation in 2010. Craving a deeper level of spirituality and mindfulness led her to embark on her Reiki journey in 2019. Her background includes certifications from meditation and Reiki. Her passion for sharing the power of mindfulness has made her lead group meditations in her current and previous workplaces.

As a Reiki practitioner and meditation instructor, her mission is to spread meditation as a daily practice and help people elevate their vibrations, transmute any negative patterns and realign their energies so they can connect with their centre. Her path is to help others create a space of inner sanctuary and spaciousness within, through the tools of meditation and mindfulness. She also has more in-depth knowledge and understanding about the law of attraction, and will conduct sessions which will be food for souls!! We, Nirvana, welcomes her with a warm heart to be a part of our journey as a soul expert!!