Ruhsan Rahman is a Pain management therapist & a Clinical counselor focusing on the well-being of individuals with chronic pain issues on psychosomatic or stress-induced reasons. In the field of psychology, his focus is on relationship counseling, personal development, stress management etc. He believes in a balanced role of the body & mind. Hence he chose to pursue this line of work to support, assist and guide people with mental health issues at Nirvana.
Ruhsan has completed his Bachelor’s Diploma in Stress Management & Psychotherapy from Anadolu University of Turkey (a Johns Hopkins affiliate) and Master’s in Clinical counseling from Monash University- Malaysia branch. He also completed certificate courses on clinical counseling from School of Positive Psychology of Singapore and the Eskisehir Osmangazi University of Turkey. He holds a Diploma in Stress-Induced pain management from the Train Pain Institute of South Africa. Ruhsan is currently a fellow at University of Putra of Malaysia (UPM) for his PhD degree. We welcome him on board with excitement and gratitude!!