The mystic art of Tarot gets you in tune with the harmony of life and gives you insights into the offerings that the Universe holds for you by picking up the energy fields surrounding you. Auroni, our tarot reader, has been on her journey to guide others through clairvoyant and intuitive tarot reading for almost 3 years now. She will be providing services through-

A quick reading: 30 minutes
BDT: 1000 (Focuses on specific issues)

Insights into your precise journey: 1 hour
BDT: 1500

Life insight: 1.30-hour experience
BDT: 2000

Having her Hons. and Master degree in Music from University of Dhaka; she’s been very passionate & working on music practices that promote self-healing by expressing suppressed emotions through celtic flute, which is a very new concept in our country. Over 20 years of meditation and yoga practice made her more intuitive and clairvoyant. She has completed a second degree in Reiki healing as well and her other practices include acupressure and angel number guidance. She believes Tarot sessions can help a person into a more harmonious life by understanding the unknown & unseen perspective of it.

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