The first wealth is health!!
Nirvana is a place of healing and exploring oneself! It is a platform for “Wellness of Wholeness” where Mind-Body-Soul integrated services are being provided.
Mental health services in Bangladesh:
Bangladesh has a population of 160 million people. But only 50 clinical psychologists and 200 psychiatrists. That’s 800,00 people for every 1 mental health specialist. But with time and demands, mental health service in Bangladesh is becoming more and more essential for our generations. Ensuring quality service and confidentiality and bridging up with the right expert is the right way to open up oneself with those mental issues and challenges. Nirvana is proudly announcing how we concentrate on building our clients trust by being more accessible and available but at the same time being hardcore in maintaining right confidentiality for our clients. We have a 99% client’s coming back for further support and sessions.
Corporate Wellness:
Nirvana corporate Wellness program aims to design programs the way you think will benefit your employees. Our unique designs of corporate wellness can have both physical activities, mindfulness activity and wellness workshops and sessions as an integrated wellness session for the mind, the body and soul.
As a Counselor Psychologist, I strongly believe that people in Bangladesh need to give more attention to their mental health well being and be more aware about mental health problems. Keeping those in mind, I have created this platform of offering services which targets “Body-Mind-Soul” approaches as an integrated whole to address mental, emotional and behavioral issues! I see this platform which is called “Nirvana” as a place of healing and exploring oneself through balancing one’s mind-body and soul integration!