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Corporate Mental Wellness Program

Struggling with workplace-related stress, a deniable truth. In the world of corporate organization, it’s a common issue for an employee suffering from stress.
Yesterday night, “Nirvana” arranged a delightful Corporate Mental Health & Wellness workshop with “Asian Consumer Care (Pvt.) Ltd.” This workshop was with the “Corporate & Factory” Team. Out next program will be with the “Sales Team”.
However, NIRVANA is successfully working on the “Corporate Mental Wellness Program”.

Mindfulness :

Mindfulness means living in the present moment. Essentially, it means being more aware and awake to each moment and being fully engaged in what is happening in one’s surroundings – with acceptance and without judgment.
Mindfulness meditation as a self-regulation practice focused on training attention and awareness with the goal of bringing mental processes under greater voluntary control. Being mindful of one’s breath, for instance, is a common form of mindfulness during meditation.
The Beneficial Effects Of Mindfulness:
1. Mindfulness Improves Sleep
2. Keeping Your Weight Becomes Easier With Mindfulness
3. Mindfulness Keeps Negative Thoughts Away More Easily
4. Chronic Panic Can Be Better Managed Through Mindfulness
5. Mindfulness Decreases Stress Levels
6. Mindfulness Brings Greater Emotional Intelligence

“Mindfulness is the ability to know what’s happening in your head at any given moment without getting carried away by it.”
Mindfulness in the workplace is becoming more important as we transform from a manufacturing to a knowledge-based economy. In a manufacturing economy, the body was the primary means of production. But in a knowledge economy, it is the brain.
Some Benefits:
Hundreds of published studies shows that our brains are malleable and can actually be rewired through a mindfulness practice. Research on the brains of conflict meditators has documented neuron growth in the area of the brain associated with learning, memory and emotional control.
Neuron growth also occurs in the area of the brain responsible for awareness. Functional MRIs have noted other positive brain transformations in as little as eight weeks and with a daily practice of just under 30 minutes.
So do employees practice mindfulness in the workplace? Yes they do. Contact us now to arrange a mindfulness program.

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