Four basic types of responses can determine team responses.

Do you know, four basic types of responses to suggestions can determine your team’s participation and idea generations!! Which one can you identify with?! Also, tell us examples where you were a fantastic AI thinker, and it made your teamwork appreciatable!!

Nirvana believes that mental health is much more than focusing on your thoughts and perceptions only, it’s about how you, as an overall person, keep a healthy balance of your mind, body, and soul!!
To understand more, please join us in our session.
Nirvana went live today, for promoting mental health wellbeing and awareness in Green Delta Insurance company. This is one of our new initiative where we are developing our “Nirvana Corporate Wellness program” by conducting mental health awareness sessions/ workshops in Corporates and other various organizations.
We are grateful that this lockdown couldn’t stop us from reaching out and promoting mental health care and wellness for the employees who are dedicating a lot of their valuable time in their organizations.
To organize wellness sessions, mindfulness sessions, or workshops in your institutions, contact us directly at this number (01762618820)

We had a wonderful evening with coffee, music and art!! More interesting events are coming, so if you are interested to join, stay tuned in our page!

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