Throughout our Nirvana journey, we connected to various talented souls who have created beautiful original masterpieces, and were kind enough to share those with us!! Nirvana celebrates our uniqueness as well our connections to each other and to all of us!!

When you focus on the goods, the goods get better!


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Your perspective will either become your prison or your passport!

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The things I write are mostly inspired from my own life events. This first writing is about a dream I had after a breakup, in that dream I felt as though I was trying to reach my loved one, but I couldn’t. This writing also symbolises – how I feel lost and floating in the universe and whenever I find something I want, I try to get it but in the end I can’t for some reason. 

Writing 1:

The tempest winds blow over Icarus and rustled his hair. He closes his eyes and feels the fresh breeze on his face. He sees yellow in the distance. Dandelions. Beautiful Vibrant Dandelions.

Reminescents of a time long forgotten. Icarus floats amidst the chaotic cosmos. His eyes fill with wonder gazing at the stars. The Bright Yellow fluoresence gets ever close to him. Thinking of fantasies, breathless sights and the romance He never knew, he drifts away. He feels strangely Euphoric and a sinful taste of joy as he moves towards the light. Like a moth drawn to a flame. Knowing fully well that this might be the ending of everything as he knows. Why do human beings do it ? Get lost in something beyond their control ? Being fully aware of the repercussions ? The bright light shimmers with heat. lost in the lust of it’s warmth Icarus drifts away. An unearthly aura is coming out of the beautiful bright light. He is so close to Nirvana. So close to eternal bliss. This is all he ever wanted knowing fully the price he has to pay.He is so close he can almost feel it on his skin. But he stops. his legs start to feel heavy as if something is pulling him down and he looks back, it’s the same demon from his nightmares; pulling his feet down towards the abyss.

The demon stares at him with it’s grotesque eyes. It’s deathly stare chills him to the bones. Icarus wants to stop in his tracks but he can’t, he has to reach the top. He tries to run away but the demon is getting closer; clinging on to him by the moment, he uses the last breath he has to push through from the cruel and unforgiving grasp but it’s no use. The Demon held him right where he is. 

It’s getting closer. 

Closer by the second. 

It jumps at him. 

He is falling. 


Even lower into the pitch black darkness as he gets dragged closer and closer down the abyss. Any moment now everything will be lost. 

He will forever get lost into oblivion.

Everything goes black.

Icarus wakes with a start.

Writing 2:

Nights don’t pass.

Icarus looked up to the stars lying on a bed of grass. Not one bit of sleep in his two eyes.

Lost amidst the chaos of the futile attempts to tame the untamed beast that is life he felt lost.

A little more than usual.

It’s no use.

No matter how hard he tries he ends up entombed in a shrine of melancholy, he just can’t get out of it, it’s always like a blanket of darkness he can’t see himself through, a labyrinth he yet had to find a way out of. It felt as though he was stuck in a sad song forever on repeat.

A part of him is dead.

But that is the burden of being alive.

To “be” you constantly have to let go, for your whole existence to stay afloat some part of you has to die every moment.

Like a reptile shedding skin, we grow, we move and we face the unknown.

And yet every new mountain seems insurmountable.

The burden gets harder to bear.

Time slips away.

The road never ends.

And nights,

They just don’t pass at all.